Grey Music Club is an unique place on the club map in Wrocław. It was created especially for those who really appreciate the club entertainment at the high level. We serve the best cocktails, the hottest music and artistic performances, which take guests’ breath away.

You are all welcome to Grey!

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We know how to have fun

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The rules of booking in Grey Music Club:

  • You can spend the whole amount of reservation on ordering at a waitress who serves in your table area. You have 24 hours to pay for the reservation.
  • In case of booking for a big group of people there is the chance to connect the tables.
  • You have to pay for an entrance to the club.
  • All of the guests have to be over 21 years old and they come under selection.
  • There is a possibility of special reservation facilities for groups of over 15 people.


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ul. Świętego Mikołaja 8 

50-125 Wrocław


Call: +48 887 222 112 or +48 887 555 522


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